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LaterBaby is the brainchild of a group of young women whose life experiences have run the gamut. From the joys of accomplished educations and careers to exciting dating adventures and misadventures, and the challenges of balancing work and family to pregnancy rollercoasters and the demanding work of motherhood!

As we moved closer to starting families we learned a lot about our fertility, things that we wish we had learned earlier. We’ve also grown increasingly frustrated by the lack of resources for women who would like to have a family in the future. There is plenty of public discussion for young women looking to prevent pregnancy and an equal amount of information for women who are actively trying to conceive. There is also tremendous focus on celebrity pregnancies at age 50, and other fertility "miracles."

But no one is actively discussing how young women should protect and preserve their fertility now, so that in the future they can experience the joy of having a baby. So the idea of LaterBaby was born!

LaterBaby is a resource for saavy, smart young women who one day would like a family. Our mission is to educate women on all aspects of female fertility, to be a resource for information and perspective on the latest advances in reproductive science, and to be an advocate for women who would like society, corporate America, and the government to recognize how the realities of female fertility impact us all.

LaterBaby is sponsored by Extend Fertility, a company dedicated to providing the leading option in fertility preservation services for women. Extend Fertility is dedicated to enriching women's lives through revolutionary science and service that can effectively slow down a woman's biological clock. By capturing a woman's healthy "young" eggs and cryopreserving them for use in the future, Extend can give each client the best chance scientifically possible at achieving her dream of biological motherhood later in life. Extend Fertility's services are delivered through their network of leading fertility centers across the country. Centers are nominated, approved and trained by Extend's Scientific and Medical Advisory Boards, which are comprised of experts in the field of egg freezing.

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