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Age and Fertility

Do you have questions about age and fertility with relation to egg freezing? Welcome to Later Baby, a complete female fertility educational resource with information on age and fertility for any women with dreams of children in her future.

New fertility procedures can help address the disconnect between age and fertility and age and pregnancy success. These fertility services are designed to help women safeguard their eggs using our egg freezing process until the time they are ready to start their family. "Women now have options to protect their future fertility,” said Christy Jones, founder and CEO, Extend Fertility. “It is our mission to help women address the ever-growing disconnect between the readiness to have children and the biological limitations of aging eggs.”

Having the option to proactively plan for future motherhood is expected to appeal to a broad range of women – from cancer patients facing chemotherapy and women facing family histories of female fertility problems, to single, professional women and couples starting their families later in life.

Eggs are the key to female fertility. Female fertility and egg quality peak around the age of 27 and begin to decline in a woman's 30s. While a woman is physically able to carry a pregnancy to term well into her forties, the quality of the eggs produced by a woman’s ovaries begins to significantly decline starting around the age of 35. A woman over age 40 has less than a 10 percent chance of having a successful pregnancy using her own eggs, compared to approximately 30 percent per month at her natural peak fertility.

Older eggs also run a much higher risk – about 10 times higher - of chromosomal defects which can lead to conditions, such as Down’s syndrome, in children. As a result, women often spend an average of more than $50,000 on infertility treatments or as much as $50,000 to secure donor eggs in order to have children.

Technology from Extend Fertility leverages recent female fertility advancements in egg freezing science and enables women who have previously frozen their eggs to improve their pregnancy rate to between 20 and 30 percent, and use their own eggs for that pregnancy.

Extend Fertility partners with local medical providers to offer a nationwide network of fertility centers where women can go to have their eggs harvested and preserved and also seek age and fertility and age and pregnancy counseling. Strategic relationships are being formed with industry leaders to provide women with the best available science, medical service, storage technology and female fertility education.

To learn more about age and fertility or age and pregnancy outcomes:
Call Extend Fertility: 800-841-7197 or Join the Later Baby Community.

The Later Baby education site is supported by Extend Fertility, a trusted and respected fertility services provider for women who want to take a proactive approach to preserving their best chance at having a baby after age 35. Extend Fertility is dedicated to empowering fellow women to take control of their fertile lives through a break-through service, known as "egg freezing."

Extend Fertility provides women seeking to have a baby after age 35 with the leading fertility preservation experience available today, by bringing together industry-leading science, experienced medical care and support, and secure egg storage facilities.

Later Baby understands the pressures that women planning to have a baby after age 35 can often encounter. Our website provides age and pregnancy educational resources that help women manage the difficult balancing act between professional and personal goals - some of us have chosen to preserve our future fertility through our egg freezing services.

To learn more about age and fertility or age and pregnancy outcomes:
Call Extend Fertility: 800-841-7197 or Join the Later Baby Community.

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