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Understanding the realities of female reproductive health is an important part of maintaining overall good health and planning for your future fertility. Sadly, many women are in the dark about their own bodies. If fact, in a recent survey on the basics of female fertility, only ONE woman in more than 12,000 polled got all 15 questions correct! Most of the respondents answered less than half of the questions correctly.1

Can YOU separate the fertility fact from fiction?

Twelve percent of all infertility cases are a result of the woman either weighing too little or too much.
At age 40, a healthy woman's chance of conceiving naturally each month is around 50 percent when she times intercourse to coincide with ovulation.
On average, a woman loses her ability to have a successful natural pregnancy approximately ____ years before entering menopause.
On average, a woman's fertility begins to decline in her 30s.
Which of the following conditions is likely a sign of reproductive health problems?
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and obtaining a clean bill of health at annual exams are good indications of future fertility.
Women whose mothers or sisters had difficulty conceiving due to endometriosis or other factors will be ______ to experience similar problems?
If you aren't interested in starting a family, it doesn't really matter if you pay attention to your reproductive health.
A woman's fertile life can be shortened by several years, if she ____.
Sexually transmitted diseases are a leading cause of infertility and reproductive health issues.
The key to your fertility is the age of your eggs, NOT your chronological age.
1The American Fertility Association; What Mother Didn't Tell You About Fertility... Because No One Ever Told Her
  By Richard Scott Jr., MD and Pamela Madsen

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